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Happy Birthday! [Name + Personal Message]

Happy Birthday! [Name + Personal Message]

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This makes a cheerful birthday candle, perfect for making birthdays extra special. Put a smile on someone's face and make their day extra special with this thoughtful present!

  • 200 g all-natural soy candle in a reusable ceramic jar with a raw textured feel
  • Cotton wick with a clean & long-lasting burn
  • Dimensions: 8 cm x 9 cm (WxH)
  • Hand-poured in batches in Singapore

Sniff out the perfect fragrance for your special someone!

Lemon Vetiver - Lemon peel, Lavender petals, Vetiver (Fresh + Floral scent)

Shea Butter - Lavender petals, Black amber (Warm + Floral)

Mango Citrus - Fresh mangoes, Citrus zest, Coconut milk (Fruity + sweet)

Eucalyptus Lilies - Eucalyptus leaves, Lily of the valley flowers, Vanilla (Fresh + Herbal scent)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A Birthday Gift For Me

A birthday gift from my luvly friends.. Mango Citrus scented candle; so prettily packed. Got my 1st whiff of its wonderful sweet, vibrant scent even before I unboxed it. Once lit, its scent filled up my home. Love that when I come back home the scent of the candle even tho not burning greets me.

Ina Ibr.
A Very Satisfied Customer, As Always!

My friends were ecstatic upon receipt of their surprise gifts! Seller, as always was very prompt and professional. We SO love the scents and the pretty packaging.
TQ again, Silk Ivory Candles; I will definitely return for my next surprise gifts! ❤️👍👍

Rita Kassim
Wonderful Gift Indeed

I was delighted to receive the beautifully packed sweet scented candle as my birthday gift from a dear friend, Ina. has amazed me with their professional touch in their end results of their products. Lovely and presentable packaging, suitable for any occasions. Just a wonderful gift for anybody. ❤️

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